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CLC Kyogle is affiliated with A2A. A2A is recognised as a Denomination by the Australian Government 

A2A is something new on the Australian landscape of local churches. We are not better than anyone else, but we are different. Being different is challenging, but it is also exhilarating. Be a part of the action because together we can make a difference.
A2A had its origins in the charismatic renewal that transformed forever the Australian church. We owe much to this season when so many biblical truths distinctives and values were restored to the church. But we believe that even truth and values can become monuments set in the stone of tradition which destroys the vitality of their initial impact.
With the formation of A2A we are embarking on a journey of rediscovery as we revisit those truths distinctives and values and re-establish them in the context of the 21st century church.
We care about the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the leader and their spouse, and are committed to offering help to every leader who wants to develop their leadership skills to maximise every opportunity to advance the gospel of the kingdom.


'Aflame' Ministries

Barry and Joan Winton

Barry and Joan W

Barry and Joan's favourite places to travel to, ministering the love of the Father, include Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillipnes and other asian countries.

They teach at retreats, Bible colleges and in churches and love to pray for people's lives to be transformed.

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