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Read Testimonies of Healing

Some testimonies about healing!!!


M - Some months M ago started to become more and more anxious and irrationally fearful to the point of not being able to go outside or downstairs at night without her husband... they prayed about this but it continued to the point where M thought she was going 'crazy'.  M asked for prayer for this at the Women's Retreat and a group of ladies gathered around her to pray and prophesy over her life - from that point on the fear and irrationality was broken and has not returned!      


S - A visiting lady was leaving church yesterday before the end of the service and S noticed her and followed her out to the hall and asked if she had a sore shoulder, D said she did so S asked her to put her hands out wide and bring them round to meet at the front where it was noticed that one arm was shorter than the other.  S prayed for the shorter arm to 'grow out' which it did!!! Now her arms are the same length and the pain is gone!  

Knee healed!

Last Thursday I began to get a lot of pain in my knee, it continued through the day and on into Friday and didn't get any better all day Saturday.  When I arrived at church on Sunday morning I met Ruth who was limping, following a procedure on her knee the previous Thursday, I noticed my sore knee was the same one as hers and had started hurting the day she had the op.  I told her I didn't know what was wrong and she said 'Maybe you just need to pray for my knee.."  So I did and immediately the pain left my knee and hasn't returned!!

Fibrolitic Arthritis healed

After being diagnosed by Dr Perry as having Fibrolitic Arthritis, I answered an alter call for healing and went out for prayer – 6 years later still no symptoms – Praise Jesus! 


Joy instead of despair

I brought an elderly friend to church today; she was filled with grief missing her husband who passed away 18month ago.

(I) love God’s ideas - a young mum in our congregation brought her new baby over and placed it in my friend’s arms. Joy and peace came over her as she said to the young mum. “All my dreams have been fulfilled today. It’s been along time since I held a baby and smiled BIG.

God knew exactly what to do and how to make it better when it hurts.

We just have to be the hands, mouth and feet.



Unearthly joy

I walked into church and experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in the real joy, which is so evident on the faces of the people worshipping – absolutely abundantly joy far beyond any earthly ‘happiness’.


Sore neck healed and stress relieved

 After driving my 15 year old daughter back from the airport she told me that she sensed a lot of stress in the car. I didn’t feel stressed, but was reminded that my other daughters often said to me in the car “Don’t stress Mum. It’s ok”. (I didn’t think I was stressed then either but I always had a stiff painful neck while driving).

I asked my daughter to pray for me and God showed me how I had to take over driving our family in some stressful family times.

We prayed for Gods’ healing, and I have felt happy driving ever since – no sore necks, no worrying if I don’t know where I’m going or I get lost. God is so good.


Sore ankle healed

I was at school doing a ‘treasure hunt’* and I got a boy carrying a red football with a broken wrist and sore ankle. I asked if I could pray with him and he said, “Yes”. He was fully 100% healed.


* A ‘treasure hunt’ is where we ask God to show us those He wants us to pray with.

Headache healed

A young girl at school had a bad headache and asked me to pray.

I touched her forehead and said, “Be healed in the name of Jesus’ – she was amazed as she was instantly healed!

Her friends laughed in amazement!


Aches and pain healed

All the week I was suffering with a dull headache and was having trouble sleeping, also the soles of my feet were painful and my neck was sore.

On Thursday the ladies prayed and laid hands on me. My neck was better by the time I got home and my headache and sleeplessness were healed overnight and my feet were better also.

I was due at the doctor’s on Friday for something unrelated and James (my carer) said as I was going in, “tell him about your neck and feet”, and I was able to say that the girls had prayed for me and that I was all better! 

Praise God and glory to Him!


Headache, neck and back aches healed

God healed my head/neck/back ache at the last Sunday night Kumbaya (our evening church service).

We prayed at the end of the DVD on the great testimony of the hair stylist. I was sick of putting up with discomfort and asked for prayer.

Well, what do you know!! By the time I got to my car I realised it was completely gone. I haven’t had it back and I feel very encouraged and thankful and challenged to lean in together and pray for each other whenever we can.