Community Pantry

The community pantry is a ministry to the poor and those in need. It is an essential part of our church’s ministry as we believe that looking after the poor is part of God’s call for a local church. Through the community pantry we want people to know that God loves them and cares for them.

I have to hide in the loo to eat this outta shame so that no one will see me…
— Homeless lady

$1.oo for one meal, that is, one can of cheap spaghetti..  Yes it happens and we CAN put a stop to it by donating money towards the community pantry so ‘they’ don’t have to hide away in shame, waiting until it’s dark to go through the bins looking for food.  

One person asked, “Why are you helping me” and I responded “Coz you matter.” People do matter! So let’s give what we can so they don’t have to hide anymore! Reach out and bless someone, because we can!

Non-perishable food and grocery items can be dropped off at the church during office hours or Sundays.

Christmas Hope Boxes

Hope Boxes are handed out at Christmas time to support people in our community.