Sunday Celebration Services

5 Geneva St, Kyogle, NSW, 2474

Morning Service

10.00 am every week

Come at 9:30 am for a cuppa

We start our service with worship at 10 am and by about 11 am the kids and then youth go off to Tot's Church, Kid’s Church, YOS (Youth on Sundays Yr 6 to Yr 9) and SR YOS (Senior Youth on Sundays Yr 10 - Yr 12)

Stay for a cuppa, chats and catch ups with morning tea after the service, around 12 pm.

Evening Service

7 pm monthly (check Newsletter)

These gatherings vary each time. Sometimes it can be just a worship night and other times it could be soaking or prayer ministry or teaching. Whatever it is, our hope and aim is to give the Holy Spirit room to be moving amongst us as He chooses.