At Christian Life Church Kyogle our Vision is to live like the first-century church

The first-century church was vibrant and alive, expressing the love, wisdom and power of Christ and His Kingdom through it’s teaching, it’s community of love, it’s miracles, signs and wonders, and it’s contagious expansion. Inspired by the first moments of the church’s existence, we want to be the same expression of God’s Kingdom in this generation.


and our Mission is to reach, love, teach, heal and mobilise

Jesus was so impacting in his ministry on Earth. He reached out to people, showed them genuine love, taught them about the Kingdom of God, provided healing encounters with the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit, and he mobilised a group of people to fulfill their calling on Earth. This, then, became the model of the first church (Ephesians 4:11-13). We want to model ourselves from Jesus example as well.