Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors or Missionaries are amazing people who have all played a significant role in the life and health of CLC Kyogle.  They are a part of us; they are family.

Their hearts are for the whole world to be won for Jesus and we are privileged to be a part of that by sowing financially into their ministries and by praying for them and supporting them.

School of Ministry Catch the Fire Toronto

ZacH and Rosie LanouE

Zac and Rosie

Rosie Lanoue (née Dodge) grew up through her teen years as an active member of CLC Kyogle - particularly active in the music team and in the youth group. She always shone out in her creativity and delightful personality. Her love for God and people were always obvious.

After Highschool she travelled to Catch the Fire School of Ministry in Toronto, Canada. There she was transformed by the love of the Father. She also met Zach.

Zach, who grew up in Toronto, was also at the school. After Rosie returned home, he came to Kyogle in 2018 and served in the church showing his wisdom and gentleness, his humility and strength. Rosie Interned at the church for a year, serving in many areas of the ministry.

Both Zach and Rosie are currently working back in Toronto on the school staff. They are an amazing couple (now married) who love to see people changed by God’s love and equipped to step into their destiny.

To make a donation to Zach and Rosie: 

Rosie Dodge BSB: 062563  Account Number: 10104293

YWAM Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dave & Jen Beal & family


Dave, Jen, Ella, Daniel, Thomas, James, Sienna and Avery Beal are a large family of 8 that love God and who have been a part of Kyogle CLC for a number of years. They joined Youth With A Mission in 2012 and now live and work on the YWAM Sunshine Coast base. YWAM is an international, inter- denominational Christian missionary organisation and they are proud to be part of an organisation seeing God's Kingdom advance throughout the world.

The main focus of their ministry is working with young adults in discipling them through YWAM's Discipleship Training School (DTS). This involves 3 months of lectures on various topics such as the Father Heart of God, Character of God and Missions, followed by a 3 month outreach phase where the school splits into teams and goes out on the mission field. 

To make a donation to Dave and Jen: 

Dave Beal BSB: 064001 Account Number: 10509820  

Al & Immy Crocombe

Working with orphans and the poor in Uganda


Al and Immy have hearts that see the poor and longs to work alongside them to see them empowered and able to provide food for their famiiles and communities.

They are currently working with a church in Uganda, setting up small businesses for the locals to be able to generate income and working with orphans.

To make a donation to Al and Immy:

Al Crocombe BSB: 727 728 Account Number: 22229952

YWAM Turner Valley, Canada

John & Teeny Taylor & family


John and Teeny are on staff at YWAM Turner Valley, Canada.  Their two boys are William and Nicky.  They work in the School of Biblical Studies and have a real heart to see students “go away having studied every book of the Bible, which (they) believe is foundational for life, missions and ministry.” The YWAM base they work for has planted a Bible school in SE Asia among an unreached people group and they desire to one day be part of a team who plants a Bible School like this one. 

To make a donation to John & Teeny:

John Taylor BSB: 082666 Account Number: 682914132