CLC Kyogle is an A2A church. A2A is recognised as a Denomination by the Australian Government 

A2A’s Mission is to raise enduring leaders to build prevailing churches

Cultural Distinctives of A2A Ministry

The following are the specific distinctives that A2A believe are the platform for the Holy Spirit to launch us into a time of renewal in our churches.

  1. Innovative Ministry - If we want to see a new and fresh move of the Holy Spirit we must embrace change. Our God is a God who loves to change things and make them new so we will need to have open hearts and minds to what God may want to do in the future. To be innovative we need to be ground breaking in our thinking, be inventive and creative, and have a new pioneering spirit. This will be a challenge to some of us, so let’s be determined not to resist the change God may want to bring.

  2. Celebrating Uniqueness - We are an inclusive movement. We want to be able to celebrate each other’s uniqueness with enthusiasm recognising that unity is not sameness. Our unity is based on our relationship with Jesus, and as we fall more and more in love with Jesus we are able to have an authentic appreciation of how God is using each one of us to serve His purposes.

  3. Disciple Making - The last words of Jesus on the planet before he ascended to Heaven were to go into the world “and make disciples”. Discipleship is much more than a programme of teaching opportunities. It is about relationship and walking with someone as we share life together. A true disciple is ultimately recognised by their commitment to kingdom values.

  4. Healthy Leadership - Our mission statement says we will “raise enduring leaders”. We live at a time in history when young men and women are burning out in ever increasing numbers. The culture of our day is more dysfunctional than ever, so the complexity of people’s lives is in many cases bringing about a sense of overwhelming failure for many leaders. We will continue to work at developing a mentoring programme with the focus on who the leader is.

  5. Spirit Empowered Mission - The baptism in the Holy Spirit is highly valued as a normal and desired experience for the Christian in our churches. We must maintain this as a value and remind our people that the purpose of being baptised in the Holy Spirit was to empower us to do mission. Being led by the power of the Holy Spirit, and functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit in a God honouring way as we do mission enterprise adds a dynamic to the way we serve that defies the resistance this anti-theist age.

  6. Walking in Humility - Our humanity creates a competitiveness that destroys authentic community, and isolates many Christians leaving them feeling defeated, devalued, and a failure. There is something in all of us that makes us want to be “at the top of the pile”. Humility is having our strengths in submission to God so that they are always under control. We want to be a movement that is known as one without a competitive spirit so that everyone wherever they are in their spiritual journey can feel accepted.

A2A is something new on the Australian landscape of local churches. We are not better than anyone else, but we are different. Being different is challenging, but it is also exhilarating. Be a part of the action because together we can make a difference.

A2A had its origins in the charismatic renewal that transformed forever the Australian church. We owe much to this season when so many biblical truths distinctives and values were restored to the church. But we believe that even truth and values can become monuments set in the stone of tradition which destroys the vitality of their initial impact.

With the formation of A2A we are embarking on a journey of rediscovery as we revisit those truths distinctives and values and re-establish them in the context of the 21st century church.

We care about the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the leader and their spouse, and are committed to offering help to every leader who wants to develop their leadership skills to maximise every opportunity to advance the gospel of the kingdom.