Inflame Youth
Fridays 3:30-6pm (Roxy/Church Building) $3 / School Grade 6+

Y.O.S (Youth On Sundays - Year 6 - Year 9)

We value the youth of our church and the youth of this town.  Adolescence is a crucial time of life as so many critical decisions are made in this time.  The pressures of media and peers are huge.  We believe that youth need to feel loved and supported through this time and need to know the destiny that God has for them.  He has a plan and purpose for every young person and it is for abundant life.  He wants this generation to experience his uncontainable love and show it to the world around.


At Youth, we are committed to seeing young people grow in their walk with God, and overcome adversity to make a difference in our community.

We do all sorts of things including watching video clips, listening to music, playing games, learning stuff from the Bible and seeing how it can affect lives followed by a delicious ”family” dinner.


Each Sunday the youth have their own time together during our church service.